After devoting numerous years within investment banks to advising their clients in mergers and acquisitions transactions in the wine and spirits sector, the founders of WINE BANKERS & Co felt the need to gain their independence in order to offer to a broader audience their unique expertise in transactions and strategic advisory in this sector.

This independence is a symbol of the absolute commitment of WINE BANKERS & Co’s team and its motivation. It grants WINE BANKERS & Co a valuable freedom in the selection and realisation of its advisory mandates.

In other words, the management of WINE BANKERS & Co has committed to only accept missions where they consider they would provide their clients an actual value-added expertise.

The legitimacy and the relevance of the team’s work in this sector are strengthened by the management’s belonging to the wine and spirits world themselves. They have a deeper understanding of the problems and what is at stake for their clients as they often have to face these same issues.

WINE BANKERS & Co is active worldwide which is a great asset in an increasingly globalised wine and spirits industry.

Working in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, South Africa or in the United States, the intervention scope of the team is only bounded by the will of the founders to deliver efficiently the mandates they have been given.

WINE BANKERS & Co is one of the rare independent mergers & acquisitions boutique firms dedicated to the wine and spirits industry and the team is one of the leaders in Europe.