Despite having strong regional roots, the wine and spirits industry is currently undergoing a significant consolidation movement in a progressively globalized market. These mutations have brought up many new issues for all stakeholders in this market, from producers to consumers.

With hindsight from our expertise, our past experiences and successes, we endeavor to help our customers and advise them on strategic decisions and issues as diverse as:

  • The need to evaluate a family patrimony, the assets of their companies or brands in order to make concerted decisions that often imply a will to reorganise the shareholding structure, their assets or even to make strategic decisions on non relevant minority interests with all the economic, financial and fiscal issues each of these situations entail*.
  • The chosen or forced sale of a family patrimony in an industry where real estate assets are often substantial.
  • The sale of part or their entire company while attempting to optimize the terms and conditions of the transaction.
  • The need to find advisors for a personal investment (passion investment, diversification strategy, etc.) or corporate one (external growth, diversification strategy, etc.) in a complex industry, in particular concerning the wine industry.
  • More generally, the will to be advised and guided by professionals at all times during the different steps of a transaction from its inception through negotiations.

*As such, Wine Bankers works hand in hand with different technical and legal advisors for the needs of some missions.